Lessons I've Learned from Physics

2014-12-13 talk: standard Andrew B. Collier

Lessons I’ve Learned from Physics from Andrew Collier

These are the slides from a short talk that I gave to a group of developers at a DERIVCO Dev Night. The title of the talk seemed a little pompous in retrospect and I considered retitling it The Physics of Cats and Mayonnaise. One of my colleagues came up with the title Levers and Gravity and Shit, which I rather like too.

The content of the talk is a little hard to follow from the slides alone, but the general gist of it is that there are some broad principles in Physics which can be interpreted (tenuously extended?) to the world of software development.

A very nice TED talk in a similar vein was given by Dan Cobley, entitled What physics taught me about marketing.

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