Data Science Teams

2015-10-16 Andrew B. Collier

And even that insanely curious data scientist, if he or she insists on working alone, won’t be able to produce the most valuable insights. Those come from high-performing teams combining individuals who are individually curious and naturally creative, but also collaborative in their approach to the art and science of experimentation. A great data science team is like a jazz quartet, where individuals are always riffing off of one another, and each takes the music to a new and unexpected place. Josh Sullivan, Get the Right Data Scientists Asking the "Wrong" Questions, Harvard Business Review, 2014

I’m a big believer in heterogeneous teams and I thrive when working alongside people with different education, background and experience. I think that Sullivan’s simile above is extremely apt.

Thanks to @rlnel who pointed me to this article which expresses similar sentiments.

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