Durban R Users Group Meetup: 24 February 2016 @ The Green Door

We’re kicking off the inaugural meeting of the Durban R Users Group with a live video presentation by Andrie de Vries (Senior Programme Manager, R Community Projects at Microsoft / Revolution Analytics). Andrie will be talking about “Demonstration of using R in the cloud together with Azure Machine Learning”. If you’ve kept up with Microsoft’s recent contributions to R then you’ll know that this is going to be an interesting talk.

We’ll also have Professor Bruce Page (University of KwaZulu-Natal, School of Biological and Conservation Sciences) talking about “An Introduction to Spatial Analysis in R”, which will cover using the T-LoCoH package for tracking space/time data. Bruce is an recognised expert on monitoring the movements and changes in home ranges of wild animals.

Andrew Collier will give a talk entitled “From Klueless to Kaggle in 15 Minutes” which will demonstrate how you can rapidly get up to speed on Data Analysis and Predictive Modelling in R.

Get the details and sign up here.

Andrew B. Collier
Entrepreneur / Data Scientist