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MonthOfJulia Day 22: Optimisation

2015-09-25     Julia

MonthOfJulia Day 21: Differential Equations

2015-09-24     Julia

MonthOfJulia Day 20: Calculus

2015-09-23     Julia

MonthOfJulia Day 19: Units

2015-09-22     Julia

MonthOfJulia Day 18: Plotting

2015-09-21     Julia

PhysicalConstants.jl: Julia Package of Physical Constants

2015-09-21     Julia

PhysicalConstants is a Julia package which has the values of a range of physical constants. Currently MKS and CGS units are supported. Read more »

MonthOfJulia Day 17: Datasets from R

2015-09-18     Julia R

MonthOfJulia Day 16: Databases

2015-09-17     Julia

Setting up ODBC for SQLite on Ubuntu

2015-09-17     Linux SQLite

First install the SQLiteODBC and unixODBC packages. Have a quick look at the documentation for unixODBC and SQLiteODBC. Read more »

MonthOfJulia Day 15: Time Series

2015-09-16     Julia

MonthOfJulia Day 14: Data

2015-09-15     Julia

urlshorteneR: A package for shortening URLs

2015-09-14     R

This is a small package I put together quickly to satisfy an immediate need: generating abbreviated URLs in R. As it happens I require this functionality in a couple of projects, so it made sense to have a package to handle the details. It’s not perfect but it does the job. The code is available from github along with vague usage information. In essence the functionality is simple: first authenticate to shortening service (goo. Read more »

MonthOfJulia Day 13: Packages

2015-09-14     Julia

MonthOfJulia Day 12: Parallel Processing

2015-09-11     Julia

MonthOfJulia Day 11: Metaprogramming

2015-09-10     Julia

A ggplot2 oddity

2015-09-10     R

MonthOfJulia Day 10: Modules

2015-09-09     Julia

MonthOfJulia Day 9: Input/Output

2015-09-08     Julia

MonthOfJulia Day 8: Iteration, Conditionals and Exceptions

2015-09-07     Julia

MonthOfJulia Day 7: Functional Programming

2015-09-06     Julia

MonthOfJulia Day 6: Composite Types

2015-09-05     Julia

MonthOfJulia Day 5: Collections

2015-09-04     Julia

MonthOfJulia Day 4: Functions

2015-09-03     Julia

MonthOfJulia Day 3: Variables and Data Types

2015-09-02     Julia

Searching Database for Column Names

2015-09-01     SQL

MonthOfJulia Day 2: Development Environments

2015-09-01     Julia

MonthOfJulia Day 1: Installation and Orientation

2015-08-31     Julia

IEEE Spectrum Puts R in 6th Place

2015-07-27     R

R has moved up three positions to 6th place on IEEE Spectrum ranking. How long will it be before Julia is on the list? Read more »

Shiny Bayesian Updates

2015-07-24     R Bayesian

Reading Bayesian Computation with R by Jim Albert (Springer, 2009) inspired a fit of enthusiasm. Admittedly, I was on a plane coming back from Amsterdam and looking for distractions. I decided to put together a Shiny app to illustrate successive Bayesian updates. I had not yet seen anything that did this to my satisfaction. I like to think that my results come pretty close. Read more »

Lightning on your Twitter Feed


As an aside for a Social Media Automation project I have constructed a bot which uses data from the World Wide Lightning Location Network (WWLLN) to construct daily animated maps of global lightning activity and post them on my Twitter feed. The bot runs remotely and autonomously on an EC2 instance. Read more »