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Julia on Windows behind a Firewall.

2015-10-13     Julia

I work on a Windows machine behind a corporate firewall during the day. It’s not optimal, but @rlnel kindly passed this information on to me, which has made the situation far more tolerable. Read more »

Installing LightTable and Juno on Ubuntu

2015-10-12     Julia

The recipe below works for Light Table v. 0.7.2 and Julia v. 0.4.0. It might work for other versions too, but these are the ones I can vouch for. Read more »

MonthOfJulia Day 33: Evolutionary Algorithms

2015-10-12     Julia

MonthOfJulia Day 32: Classification

2015-10-09     Julia

MonthOfJulia Day 31: Regression

2015-10-08     Julia

MonthOfJulia Day 30: Clustering

2015-10-07     Julia

Review: Data Mining with Rattle and R

2015-10-07     R Machine Learning Book Review

MonthOfJulia Day 29: Distances

2015-10-06     Julia

MonthOfJulia Day 28: Hypothesis Tests

2015-10-05     Julia

MonthOfJulia Day 27: Distributions

2015-10-02     Julia

MonthOfJulia Day 26: Statistics

2015-10-01     Julia

MonthOfJulia Day 25: Interfacing with Other Languages

2015-09-30     Julia R Python

MonthOfJulia Day 24: Graphs

2015-09-29     Julia

MonthOfJulia Day 23: Data Structures

2015-09-28     Julia

MonthOfJulia Day 22: Optimisation

2015-09-25     Julia

MonthOfJulia Day 21: Differential Equations

2015-09-24     Julia

MonthOfJulia Day 20: Calculus

2015-09-23     Julia

MonthOfJulia Day 19: Units

2015-09-22     Julia

MonthOfJulia Day 18: Plotting

2015-09-21     Julia

PhysicalConstants.jl: Julia Package of Physical Constants

2015-09-21     Julia

PhysicalConstants is a Julia package which has the values of a range of physical constants. Currently MKS and CGS units are supported. Read more »

MonthOfJulia Day 17: Datasets from R

2015-09-18     Julia R

MonthOfJulia Day 16: Databases

2015-09-17     Julia

Setting up ODBC for SQLite on Ubuntu

2015-09-17     Linux SQLite

First install the SQLiteODBC and unixODBC packages. Have a quick look at the documentation for unixODBC and SQLiteODBC. Read more »

MonthOfJulia Day 15: Time Series

2015-09-16     Julia

MonthOfJulia Day 14: Data

2015-09-15     Julia

urlshorteneR: A package for shortening URLs

2015-09-14     R

This is a small package I put together quickly to satisfy an immediate need: generating abbreviated URLs in R. As it happens I require this functionality in a couple of projects, so it made sense to have a package to handle the details. It’s not perfect but it does the job. The code is available from github along with vague usage information. In essence the functionality is simple: first authenticate to shortening service (goo. Read more »

MonthOfJulia Day 13: Packages

2015-09-14     Julia

MonthOfJulia Day 12: Parallel Processing

2015-09-11     Julia

MonthOfJulia Day 11: Metaprogramming

2015-09-10     Julia

A ggplot2 oddity

2015-09-10     R