Ethereum: DIY Tools for Smart Contracts

What tools do you need to start working with Ethereum smart contracts? The Solidity Online Compiler provides a quick way to experiment with smart contracts without installing any software on your machine. Another promising online alternative is Cosmo. However at some stage you’ll probably want to put together a local Ethereum development environment. Here are some suggestions for how to do that on an Ubuntu machine. Since I’m just feeling my way into this new domain, I’m not sure to what degree all of these are necessary. I do know for sure, that Truffle and testrpc are crucial.

Ethereum: Running a Node

Once you’ve installed Geth you’re ready to run your own Ethereum node.

An Ethereum Package for R

Bitcoin has become synonymous with “cryptocurrency”. Ethereum is another cryptocurrency which, although not as hyped at Bitcoin, presents some attractive characteristics. The foremost of these is the ability to create sophisticated smart contracts. This post introduces the new ether package for interacting with the Ethereum network from R.