Extending DataGrip Evaluation

DataGrip is a great tool for accessing a wide range of databases. You can get a free 30 day evaluation license. But perhaps you want to evaluate for a tiny bit longer?

Installing DataGrip on Ubuntu

Download the DataGrip archive. Unpack the archive. $ tar -zxvf datagrip-2018.1.4.tar.gz Rename the folder. $ mv DataGrip-2018.1.4/ datagrip Change the owner to root. $ chown -R root.root datagrip Move to /opt. $ sudo mv datagrip /opt/ Link it into PATH. $ sudo ln -s /opt/datagrip/bin/datagrip.sh /usr/local/bin/datagrip Start it from the terminal. $ datagrip

SQL Server from Ubuntu

Setting up the requisites to access a SQL Server database from Ubuntu.

Searching Database for Column Names